Expanding Impact by Expanding the Number of Young Student Practitioners

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Through the awards granted by the Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute to our NexGenRegen Fellows, exceptional students, seeking to make a material impact on people and planet, can accept meaningful and notably impactful internships and jobs with economic support from us, in the form of stipends. Further, such awarded students, our Fellows, will assist us in driving frontier research on meaningful topics related to Impact Investing. 

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Impact Investing has many advocates whose passions may produce biases blinding them to the multitude of issues that can facilitate its mainstream acceptance. The movement shall benefit from our Fellows, with our guidance, exploring the less discussed complexities that may unlock larger institutional capital, retail investment and products and the reduced dysfunction of current traditional investment thought.




There is a dearth of entities dedicated to offering incentives to make such student work at minimum, marginally economic. If the diversity of our best and brightest young minds are to help drive better social and environmental outcomes for the World, private capital must help facilitate this interest and activity.

Expanding Impact, by Expanding Practitioners

Your support and contributions will enable us to to assist motivated impact-oriented students do work that benefits people and planet

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