Expanding Impact by Expanding the Number of Young Student Practitioners

The World’s toughest problems may be solved by our young student-leaders

We need to make it easier for them to do so

About Us




The Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute  fills two voids: 

1. Provide economic support to enable select college students (our “Fellows”) to afford the financial trade-offs often required in order to accept Impact-oriented internships, and

2. assist in the research of the issues that can affect the success of Impact Investing broadly, as a movement.

The Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute will make cash award stipends to select students ( our “Fellows”), to support the acceptance of impact-oriented internships, produce, or assist in producing, research that provides enlightenment around the complex aspects influencing the prospect of Impact Investment going mainstream and favorably influencing the World’s social and environmental challenges; and create academically-oriented convenings to foment greater awareness of Impact investing solutions, market participants, the issues and our Fellows and research findings. 

Lupoff Impact Scholars Institute is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit institution.

Theory of Change - Our Vision



The World’s toughest problems can be solved by our young student-leaders seeking to generate sustainable solutions. Such solutions must make market sense in order to also be sustainable, as well as address particular social and/or environmental objectives. Our young people deserve financial, practical and academic support in order to confidently pursue opportunities to make a difference for people and planet.

Arable land is essential to agriculture and the World’s ability to feed its population. The scale of arable land has a direct bearing on our capacity to feed people. Similarly, it is our view that we must increase the number of Impact Investing practitioners who work to ameliorate the World’s ills. Human passion to address social and environmental challenges, practitioner’s energy, endurance and ingenuity will power favorable impact for people and planet. Increasing our “arable” practitioners will have a direct bearing on our capacity to reduce hunger, poverty, improve upon social inequities and climate challenges. Investment in expanding the number of passionate Impact Investing practitioners can hasten and enhance social and environmental gains.

The Work We Do



Generationally, Millennials are as interested that their invested capital be driving a social or environmental “good”, as they are that it “does well”. Further, this generational cohort has strong stated preferences to work for companies, participate in work activities, that they believe in and generate positive outcomes for the World. There can be financial trade offs in seeking to do good. Not all such engaged students can afford these trade-offs financially. Not every University has funds dedicated to providing such “good” work with supplemental income or stipend. In many instances, the students that can accept such opportunities are either from affluent families and/or Universities with funds available to supplant the modest (if any) compensation such internships can afford to pay. 

There appears to be a dearth of entities dedicated to offering incentives to make such student work at least, marginally economic. If the diversity of our best and brightest young minds are to help drive better social and environmental outcomes for the World, private capital must help facilitate this interest and activity. We are a nonprofit making stipends to students accepting low/no pay impact investing internships for the benefit of people and planet

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Your support and contributions will enable us to support student-leaders to afford the financial trade-offs often required to accept Impact-oriented work.

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